My First Blog Post This Year 2011

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I'm so busy past few months ago but now I'm back. I will update this blog so that I can share what I'm thinking or heard about news and other things. I usually love to write or blog anything that I liked. You can expect more blog posts on my blog. So, stay tune.


I Think Before I Blog

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I'm so busy about my business but still I have to update my blog. I love to blog the things that I might think it's good thing to share for everyone. That's why I think before I blog so that it might be so interesting to read. Well, Blogging is one of my hobbies and I love to write something to express my feelings. I blog because it is the way of expressing my experiences, my feelings and any comments from the things that I saw and heard. Blogging is my companion to relieve myself from stress and problems. I think blogging is one way to solve my problems and stress. So, I often update my blog every time I have to spend time to blog.


What Else Things You Do Instead Of Blogging

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Sort of an usual question and a simple answer to expect. What else things that I may be doing instead of blogging? Well, I go watching movies online and social networking at facebook. I love watching movies especially horror and adventure movies. I used to watch movies at YoutTube.com/movies and it's a full movie free to watch. I also doing facebook because I have so many friends and colleagues out there. I'm chatting with them and flirting but there's no chance I could find a girl to like me lol :). Yes, that's all I can do instead of blogging. If ever there's another thing to do, I will share the things here. :)


How To Earn Money With Blog And Google Adsense?

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One of the best online opportunity today is making money online and one of the best opportunity is joining to Google Adsense. There are lots of ways on how to do that but be sure you will study and learn about different strategies and techniques to get a surehit. First, you need to study about blogging if you don't have website. Blogging is like you writing an online diary about your life, experiences, and things that you like to share in your blog. Blog is an online information about news, life, sports, entertainment, personal and things that you like most. If you write a blog or review, you are now called a "blogger" and you can write or blog about the things that you liked. You can create a blog or create a free blogger account at blogger.com or wordpress.com but If you want to earn or allow you make money online with your blog, just choose blogger.com. It allows you to publish different kinds of advertisement that are allowable from the blogger terms and condition. Then, to create a blogger account, you must have a gmail account to register in blogger.com. Choose your blog domain like myfirstblog.blogspot.com and customize your blog using dashboard. Then you can now create a post and things that you liked.

Before you can join in Google Adsense, first you need to gain popularity in your blog. Your blog must have google index, yahoo index, bing and any other search engines. Your blog must have an Alexa rank. Remember, the better blog popularity, the more indexes or the higher the Alexa rank, the better possibility to approve your application in Google Adsense. So, make your blog the best in blogosphere and make it top to the search engines. After you done that, try to apply in Google Adsense. Goodluck.

Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Bout, Latest News And Updates

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The bout between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito will take place on November 13, 2010 at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The said Pacquiao vs Margarito bout will be the main event for super welterweight title match. Manny Pacquiao is aiming for his 8th world title on his fight with Antonio Margarito on scheduled 12-round match. Pacquiao is a pound-for-pound king and 7-time world champion. He is the current WBO welterweight champion while Margarito is a former 2-time world champion. This is a mega-fight and a must-watch fight in big arena in Arlington, Texas. Expect for more than 50, 000 people will occupy the seats inside the stadium. It's so excited to watch Pacquiao vs Margarito bout and who do you think will win the fight? Well, lets find out by watching Pacquiao vs Margarito fight on November 13, 2010.

For more Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito latest news and updates, just visit Pacquiao vs Margarito blog.



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